I dream of creating small ventures focused on people and rich intimate experiences that serve our highest human needs.
Primarily though education x entrepreneurship x tech.

Creative discharge, aha moments and deep discussions are some of my favourite things. 
Helping others, loving others, creating with others and making others smile are what makes my heart(and your heart) beat.
Good food, sea+sun, teaching, give me immense joy.

When I am not breaking making stuff, I am probably lifting some weights, jumping out of planes, sliding down snowy slopes or boosting around food markets.

I believe in

Curiosity over rules.
Foggy north stars, systems and spontaneity over long-term plans, creative play over work.
Depth of impact on one life (quality) over surface impact on the lives of many (quantity).
Helpfulness with a bit of activism.
Actively engaging withthe unknown.


The art of life is finding balance.
Eudaimonia, virtue and philotimo are the apex of human flourishing.
Connection, self-expression and exploration are what our souls deeply seek.
Success: having the freedom to choose the problems worth suffering for.
80% learner.Generalist; not especially good at anything; just above average at many things. Trading significance for curiosity.
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ping me

Advice on breaking into Product Management and Tech.
Collaborate on a project.
You are around Singapore and wanna crash on my counch.
If you are part of my tribe.